Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Say Yes to the Dress

One of the first decisions I made for the wedding, even before the date was set, was that I wanted to wear my mom’s wedding dress. The dress had been preserved and shrink wrapped in a box for almost 40 years - I had only seen it in pictures. My mom barely even remembered what it looked like except that she ripped one of the sleeves a little on her big day.

Last May, when Luke’s mom Anita and my mom were both in town, we opened the box. It’s a beautiful gown with a delicate lace overlay and long train. The dress fit perfectly but their were a few alterations I wanted to make - turtleneck and long sleeves weren’t going to work for me. Fortunately, my Aunt in Massachusetts owns a tailoring shop and volunteered to help.

I fell in love with the final dress and felt beautiful when I wore it. If I was in a store and saw it, I probably would have purchased the same dress!

Before shot:

After shots:

Me and Mom:

Of course we had to do a re-enactment of my parents wedding photo:


  1. Luke totally should have grown a 'stache to pay homage to your dad. That has Tom Sellack beat by a mile!

    Your dress was beautiful! Loving these wedding posts!

  2. Haha, I love that picture of Mom with the hat and her being all, "You jealous of this?"

    That dress was meant for you, it just worked out better than anyone could have imagined!