Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Groom and his Men

From the very beginning of wedding planning Luke and I both knew that we wanted a small and laid back wedding. Since the ceremony and reception were being held at my parents home (the house I grew up in) we wanted it to feel like a cozy, “home sweet home” event.

All of the Groomsmen were traveling quite far to attend so we didn’t want them to have to lug a rented suit around with them. Luke and I decided to purchase the main parts of the outfit. So we went shopping and came back with a nice button down dress shirt, blue striped tie and grey v-neck sweater. All they had to do was wear their own black pants and black shoes.

I wrapped their outfits up in cute little packages using PSA Essential Stamps:They all looked very handsome on the big day! I must say that Groomsmen are KEY elements to a smooth wedding. I didn’t know this ahead of time but these are the people that can get the “man-work” done during the day-of and help with moving chairs/tables during the event. Luke is a lucky man to have these guys in his life, they are all amazing!

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