Sunday, November 14, 2010

Visit from Mom

In addition to my crafting projects, I've recently been working on some video editing. And when my mom made her bi-annual trip to visit Luke and I on Hilton Head Island last Saturday, I had one project I had to finish up before she got here.

When I was home last June, we were visiting my Grandma King to celebrate her 89th birthday (she also mentioned that she was celebrating her 70th year living in her house - crazy, I know). As we talked about all of her years in the house she mentioned that she had 8mm video's that my Grandpa had taken when the kids were young. I decided to take the film reels home and convert them to video for her. Coincidentally, my boss's father had recently found his 8mm projector and let me borrow it. That, a white sheet, and a Flip Video was all I needed.

Going through the videos was like going back in time. My mom, her brothers, and her sisters were very active kids. There were videos of them skiing, swimming, canoeing, ice skating, hunting, fishing, playing tennis, and golfing! There were lots of holiday gatherings like Thanksgiving 1959, Christmas 1962, and the Girl Scout Round-Up. And the one I enjoyed most, which I have attached here, is of my parents wedding. Even though it's a little shaky and moves fast, I still love watching it!

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  1. This is unreal! I loved watching this, thanks for sharing.