Thursday, June 9, 2011

Basil Overload

Basil is one of the best smelling, best tasting and low-maintenance herbs out there. I love having a big basil plant that I can always depend on for pesto and salads. Recently I was out of town and when I came back the basil had grown dramatically. Last night I made some pesto and turned it into a dinner!

First, I added almonds, extra virgin olive oil, parmesan cheese and a clove of garlic to the food processor and created a paste:

Next, the basil went in with some salt and pepper:


So for dinner I made pesto chicken quesdillas! Yum!


  1. Wow, Susan, those look amazing! Can we make those the next time I visit? hehe

  2. I'm doing a pesto post Monday! I don't have space to grow basil, so I always have to buy my pesto :( The 'dilla looks amazing!