Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Idea has been Realized!

I've been working on the invitations for my wedding (date is finally set! May 21, 2011) and want to do a really long label on the RSVP envelope that wraps around a little bit on one. I saw this done and figured it would be easy to do on my own - not so much. I couldn't find pre-cut labels anywhere that were the perfect size.

Finally, I saw a product in Michaels that can easily add adhesive to the back of basically any paper! It's called the Xryon 150 and was only $12.95 (well, just under $8 with my 40% off coupon). The Xyron 150 comes with 20' of permanent adhesive and is very easy to use. Check out their special Breast Cancer Awareness line for October:

It feels so good to have an idea in my head and make it a reality. Ready to start using my Xyron!

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